First Love Market

Purchase with a Purpose

First Love Market is a tangible way to bring about awareness that we can purposefully purchase goods that make a difference in the lives of others.

Women and children in impoverished communities around the world are more susceptible to human trafficking. Millions of children are placed in orphanages simply because of economic poverty. In learning these hard truths, how can we holistically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially respond to help these vulnerable groups?

First Love Market helps provide economic empowerment by partnering with organizations from around the world who educate, train, provide jobs, help with housing, and promote independence. Praise Community Church is hosting a First Love Market sale where you can purchase jewelry, soap, hats, scarves, metal art, ornaments, bags, and so much more.

Come on April 20 between 9am and 3pm to purchase incredible products and support people in need.