Outreach and Missions

Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Missions Committee serves Praise Community Church, it's congregation and the leadership, as well as missionaries and missions organizations by encouraging, resourcing and facilitating the fulfillment of the "Great Commission" through PCC's involvement in Local, National and International missions.

International and North American Missions

United Missions of American Baptist Churches

American Baptists have always been a people of mission; mission is in our DNA. Our United Mission contributions give concrete expression to this impulse and help us to be the hands and feet of Christ - from the local congregation to all parts of the world.

Scott Cherry

Scott serves with Advance Ministries among the Muslim community of Dearborn and Detroit by sharing the Gospel and using relational apologetics.

Bill and Ann Clemmer

Ann and Bill reside in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on the Congo-Rwanda border and work with IM partners Heal Africa and IMA World Health in the town of Goma. Bill works with local health care workers, hospitals, and clinics to provide life-saving maternal and child health services while Ann supports education and relief services to orphans and vulnerable children.

AAA Pregnancy Resource Center

For more than 40 years, the AAA Pregnancy Resource Center has offered free and confidential services for women with an unplanned pregnancy.  These services include medical services, abortion information, counseling and material assistance.

Right to Life - Lifespan

Right to Life - LIFESPAN is a non-profit, non-denominational and non-political organization dedicated to the protection of vulnerable human life from conception through natural death. It seeks to protect human life through a concerted combination of educational, legislative and public awareness programs.

Kentucky Mountain Mission

Kentucky Mountain Mission is a conservative, independent, evangelical, faith Mission that ministers in southeast Kentucky. Our outreaches are varied and include rural church ministry, Youth Haven Bible Camp, school programs, fitness/recreational facilities and a number of community outreaches.

Kodiak Baptist Mission

Kodiak Baptist Mission is a Christ-centered ministry where we incorporate the love of Jesus, the Truths from His Word, and vibrancy of His spirit in all we do. The difference you see at KBM is our love and commitment to Jesus Christ first and foremost. It is that which ignites our hearts and energizes our spirits to continue to do innovative, alternative styles of ministry that are reaching our changing culture and world. Our programs include summer camps, preschool, after-school, specialty camps, heritage farm and ranch and community outreach.

Hope Clinic

First-in-the-nation integrated care:

all for the uninsured, all for free.

We believe that being health care providers means more than curing illnesses. True health is physical, mental, and spiritual.

True health care must address all three, every time. We call this Whole-Person Care, and nobody does it but Hope Clinic.

Mission Cry: Christian Resources International

Empowering native missionaries since 1956. We have done this by asking people to share their bookshelves that are filled with Bibles and Christian books. Once we have received those materials, we send them around the world, therefore sowing God’s Word into the lives of those who cannot afford it. Mission Cry is equipping orphans, evangelists, pastors and missionaries for the works of service all the while setting up distribution centers, lending libraries, Bible College libraries, and holding crusades.