Branches of Praise

What are the Branches of Praise?

The ministries of Praise Community Church are divided into seven different branches. Each branch has its own vision and purpose. Browse through the vision of each one and the ministries that are included in it.


Our vision is to service the body of Christ which means bringing about wise stewardship, securing and making effective use of resources for works of ministry, assisting in operations that govern and preparing for future developments.

Branch Leader: Jason Smith

Included ministries and positions: Church Clerk, Constitution Team, Counting Team, Finance Team, Financial Secretary, Treasurer


Our vision is to create an environment of excitement in sharing the message of Christ. This will be accomplished by communicating information, supporting programs, and building a sense of community.

Branch Leader: Kristie Luther

Included ministries: Advertising, Communications, Connection Center, Decorating Team, Graphic Arts, Lighting, Photography, Social Media, Video, Website, Worship Slides

First Impressions

Our vision is to create an environment where the Holy Spirit reigns and where every person feels welcome, safe, loved, comfortable and at home in God's house.

Branch Leaders: Dena Fields

Included ministries: Building Care, Gardens, Hospitality, Kitchen, Lawn Care, Parking, Security, Ushers, Welcoming  

Follow Up

Our vision is for every person to be loved, cared for, introduced to Christ, encouraged spiritually and incorporated into the body of Christ.

Branch Leader: Pastor Jim Stolt

Included ministries: Care Team, Deacons, Elders, Pastor's Breakfast, Prayer Ministry, Tour Guides, Van Ministry, Visitation

Outreach and Missions

Our vision is to encourage each member to be active in serving others, showing the love of Christ, sharing the Gospel to our community and to support the work of missionaries both locally and around the world through prayer, giving and service.

Branch Leader: Dona Ingland

Included ministries: Mission Trips, Missionary Communication, Missions Events, Outreach Events, Prayer Walks

Spiritual Growth

Our vision is to promote discipleship, evangelism and a deeper relationship with Christ within the body of believers. Growth groups, special interest activities, spiritual growth and topical study classes will be key evangelical tools to reach our community.

Branch Leader: Karyn Stolt

Included ministries: Praise Express Children's Ministry (Birth-5th Grade), Youth Ministry (6th-12th Grade), In Home Growth Groups and In Church Growth Groups

Worship Arts

Our vision is for people to experience God's powerful presence in corporate praise and worship through a transforming and interactive worship experience.

Branch Leader: Pastor Jim Stolt

Included ministries: Concerts, Praise Band, Praise Team, Special Music, Sound Engineering