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Hello church family! We are here to keep you informed of decisions that have been made regarding the reopening of Praise Community Church. Pastor Jim and the Elders met and developed the first Phase of that plan. There will be three Phases in total. Phase One will begin on June 14th. 

The following guidelines below are for Phase One only. 




*Church will be reopening on June 14th. YAY!

*There will be two services offered. The first service will be at 9am (we are suggesting that service for seniors and/or health compromised people). The second service will be at 10:30am (everyone else).

*At this time, masks are REQUIRED. If you are in the building, please have your mask on. We will provide masks if you do not have one with you. 

*There will be hand sanitizer stations throughout the building if you want to use them. 

*Seating will be every other row. 

*Households will be asked to sit together. If you do not live in the same household, please allow for four seats to be between you and another family if you are sharing a row. 

*During this phase there will be no Children's Church or Sunday School classes.

*Please only use the restrooms if it is necessary. 

*During this phase we will not be offering coffee and donuts following the service. 

*The Connection Center will not be open at this time, however, there will be someone at the door to answer questions and provide masks if needed.

*We are asking you to refrain from gathering in the lobby. Please move into the sanctuary when you come in to find a seat and get comfy. 

*During this phase we ask that there is no hugging, hand shaking or close physical contact. We are blessed with many huggers here at Praise and we cannot wait until it is safe to go back to that, but we need to hold off a bit longer at this time. 

*There will be no paperwork distributed (bulletins, pamphlets, tithing envelopes).

*Tithes will be collected in a bowl at the back of the church and not passed around. Feel free to continue to use PayPal or mail it in if it is easier for you. 

* At this time, we will not be singing together as a congregation, but there will be special music from the front to enjoy.

* We will be sanitizing in between the two services on Sunday mornings and there will be additional cleaning in the building during the week. 




* Wednesday night Bible study will be held at the building beginning 

Wednesday, June 17th at 6:30pm. 

* Masks will be required at the Bible study during Phase One.


The Branch leaders will be meeting before June 14th and discussing what the specifics will look like for Phase Two. As soon as that is developed, we will be sharing information to keep you updated. 



We will continue to have our services online as well. If you are not comfortable joining us in person yet, please know that we completely respect and support your choice. We will keep you updated as we make any changes. 


We love and miss you all. Please continue to pray for each other and the church during this time.

Love One Another

Romans 12:9, 10, 15

9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves…15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

The church must devoted to one another in love, especially to those that are hurting. So we must mourn with those that mourn. Right now we must mourn with those that are black because of the hurt and the cycle of injustice that they are enduring. The church of America has acted too slowly to come alongside our black brothers and sisters and our silence has shown apathy instead of compassion. Black lives truly do matter and we should never allow it to appear as if they do not by our response or failure to respond. The story of the Good Samaritan teaches us that knowing that there is a problem is not enough, the expectation is to care for those that are hurting.